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Welcome to the Real-World Data (RWD) Focus.

Delve into the latest updates in RWD by disease type, including expert interviews from major international congresses, feature articles and podcasts.

RWD include health-related information derived from a variety of sources, including patient registries, databases, clinical case reports, medical devices, and electronic health records. Real-world studies differ from conventional randomized controlled trials (RCTs) as they capture data from broader, more diverse patient groups and therefore provide insight into the effects of treatment and outcomes for patients in a less standardized population.

The use of data from the real world to answer relevant clinical questions that cannot be addressed using data from RCTs is garnering increased interest. In fact, data from registries and linked treatment records can provide unique insights into patients, treatments and outcomes in routine hematological oncology practice.

RWD analysis and interpretation can potentially contribute to the understanding of the efficacy and safety of real-life treatment patterns and patient outcomes. Additionally, it may also help to guide the development of improved health plan operations, health system administration, patient or provider communications, cost management, and epidemiologic research.

It can be expected that RWD will play a growing role in the development of new and existing therapies in the coming years. Together with conventional RCTs, RWD can contribute to the understanding of the tolerability, efficacy and safety of a treatment, as well as provide a fuller picture of the disease patterns and patient behaviors in clinical practice.

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