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The Multiple Myeloma Channel on VJHemOnc receives independent medical education support from Takeda, BMS, Karyopharm Therapeutics, Amgen and Legend Biotech. These supporters have no influence over the production of the content.

Welcome to The Multiple Myeloma Channel

In association with our world-leading Editorial Board, VJHemOnc brings you the latest updates in multiple myeloma, directly from the experts. As well as video interviews, you can listen to our podcasts, dive into a roundtable discussion and e-learning, or read our feature articles.

The Myeloma Channel brings you the latest advances in therapy, including monoclonal antibodies, CAR-T cells, BiTEs, as well as up-to-date data and guidance on optimizing treatment combinations, sequencing and managing difficult-to-treat patient groups. The Myeloma Channel also delves into the latest research on the understanding of precursor state progression, such as monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and smoldering multiple myeloma to active disease, the tumor microenvironment, and more.


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