iwNHL 2014 | Applying myeloma knowledge in lymphoma

Keith Stewart, Leif Bergsagel and Rafael Fonseca

At the iwNHL 2014, Dr Rafael Fonseca (Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA) interviews Prof Keith Stewart (Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA) and Prof Leif Bergsagel (Mayo Clinic, Arizona, USA), all doctors with an interest in myeloma, about the application of myeloma biology and therapies in lymphoma. Prof Stewart describes tumor heterogeneity and suggests a parallel between myeloma and indolent follicular lymphoma, where the presence of a more aggressive tumor subclone may have significant clinical implications. Prof Bergsagel describes the contribution of MYC to tumor heterogeneity and poor prognosis. Targeting the interaction between the immune system and tumor may provide new therapies.

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