BSH/ISH 2016 | Assessing treatment options for multiple myeloma: the importance of genetics

Karthik Ramasamy

Karthik Ramasamy, MBBS, MRCP, FRCPath, PhD from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford, UK discusses the next steps that need to be taken to assess treatment options for multiple myeloma (MM) patients. Dr Ramasamy speaks of the importance of understanding the genetics of myeloma and relapse. He mentions a talk by Prof. Keith Stewart from the Mayo Clinic given during a debate session on using doublets vs triplets combinations. The use of combinations, including triplets or even quadruplets, should be informed by genetics according to Dr Ramasamy. Recorded at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the British Society of Haematology (BSH) and International Society of Hematology (ISH), held in Glasgow, Scotland.

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