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COMy 2019 | Clinical management of plasma cell leukemia: an update

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Francesca Gay

Francesca Gay, MD, PhD, of the University of Turin, Turin, Italy, briefly describes the major differences in the clinical presentation of plasma cell leukemia (PCL) and multiple myeloma (MM), including age, severity and risk of chromosomal abnormalities, despite both being plasma cell neoplasms. Dr Gay goes on to discuss the options for management of PLC, highlighting that although there has been a recent increase in survival rate it is still suboptimal due to further complications and infections. Additionally, Dr Gay describes the therapy regimen options for patients eligible for transplantation and the alternative multi-agent chemotherapy options for those who are not eligible. This interview took place at the Controversies in Multiple Myeloma (COMy) 2019 World Congress in Paris, France.

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