EMMA 2016 | Highlights from the 2016 European Multiple Myeloma Academy (EMMA) and overview of EMMA 2017

Jesús San Miguel

Jesús San Miguel, MD, PhD of University Clinic of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain discusses his highlights from the 2016 European Multiple Myeloma Academy (EMMA) held in Madrid, Spain and outlines the next EMMA meeting in Vienna. Prof. San Miguel, co-chair of the meeting, explains that the topics of progress in biology, progress in disease monitoring and new drugs were his highlights from this year’s meeting. He explains that these areas are important because they will help identify different myeloma subtypes, which, in turn, will help to individualize therapy. Further, he is hopeful that at the next EMMA meeting in Vienna, some of these topics will also be covered. The next meeting will be held after the 2016 ASH Annual Meeting and it will involve discussions on the topics presented at ASH, such as new data from trials, new biomarkers, and genetic findings.
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