COMy 2017 | Prof. Ken Anderson on opportunities in myeloma research and his lifetime achievement award

Kenneth Anderson

Kenneth Anderson, MD of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA discusses opportunities in multiple myeloma (MM) research for young investigators and the lifetime achievement award, which he received at the COMy Multiple Myeloma Highlights 2017 congress. Prof. Anderson emphasizes that the award is a reflection of his team and the collaboration with researchers, doctors, caregivers and patients. He highlights the importance of making the research count for patients and also points out, that there is a great opportunity for young researchers and doctors in myeloma to make their work count. He further discusses two important areas of research in myeloma: genomics and precision medicine, and immunotherapies.
Recorded at the 2017 World Congress on Controversies in Multiple Myeloma (COMy) in Paris, France.

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