ASH 2016 | Myeloma UK – current focus and future directions

Simon Ridley

Simon Ridley, PhD, from Myeloma UK, Cambridge, United Kingdom, introduces the work of Myeloma UK at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Congress 2016 in San Diego, CA. The research program at Myeloma UK covers the bench-to-bedside trajectory, including genetics and the new mechanisms being uncovered as a result, with the aim of translating these towards drug discovery. A particular focus is on personalized medicine, by matching genetics to particular treatments at different stages of multiple myeloma. Dr Ridley explains that Myeloma UK also has a clinical trials network of early phase clinical trials of different agents, as well as a health services research program which assesses how to implement what has been found and works to improve myeloma patient care and support. He argues that it is a very interesting time for myeloma research, with tantalizing glimpses of what may be achieved with different approaches to therapy, such as immunotherapy, and emphasizes the value of the ASH 2016 meeting in showcasing new research in the pipeline globally. Dr Ridley hopes to take some of these new ideas back to researchers in the UK. In addition, he points out the value of the ASH meeting for networking with both researchers and pharmaceutical companies who are driving innovation in myeloma research.

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