Myeloma 2017 | Game-changing drugs for amyloidosis treatment

Ashutosh Wechalekar

There are two primary routes of therapy for amyloidosis: treating the underlying plasma cell dyscrasia, and clearing amyloid deposits. In this insightful interview, recorded at the Myeloma 2017 meeting in Edinburgh, UK, Ashutosh Wechalekar, MBBS, MD, FRCP, FRCPath, DM, from University College London, London, UK, gives an overview of some of the most exciting data in the field, including bortezomib combinations, single agent daratumumab, and ixazomib, which have shown great potential. Dr Wechalekar highlights ongoing studies of monoclonal antibodies that act through clearing amyloid deposits, including a highly anticipated anti-SAP antibody being developed (NCT03044353), and NEOD001, currently being investigated in the Phase III VITAL study (NCT02312206).

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