EMN 2018 | Immunomodulatory drug combinations for multiple myeloma

Niels van de Donk

Drug development for multiple myeloma (MM) has recently reached such heights that there is now a plethora of novel inhibitors and antibodies available for treatment. In this interview, recorded at the 1st European Myeloma Network Meeting (EMN) 2018, held in Turin, Italy, Neils van de Donk, MD, PhD, of VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands, explains how new drug combinations are tested and determined. Dr van de Donk highlights combinations that work well together, emphasizing the use of immunomodulatory drugs (IMiDs). These work in combination with many different drugs and, what was surprising in the initial research stages, behave differently in vivo as opposed to ex vivo. Dr van de Donk concludes his interview by describing some of the mechanisms of action of this combination therapy.

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