ASH 2016 | Results of Phase II multicenter trial of SL-401 in BPDCN

Naveen Pemmaraju

Naveen Pemmaraju, MD of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX explains the results of a Phase II trial ongoing expansion stage of SL-401 in patients with blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm (BPDCN) (NCT02113982). Dr Pemmaraju briefly explains the history of BPDCN and how patients present. The trial is investigating a new targeted therapy aimed at hitting CD123/IL3 receptor alpha, which are believed to be overexpressed cells. He explains the importance of this trial as the first multicenter trial dedicated to patients with BPDCN. The results for both the frontline and refractory/relapsed settings are encouraging. Recorded at Recorded at the 2016 American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting, held in San Diego, CA.

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