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ASH 2020 | Daratumumab consolidation shows promise in AL amyloidosis and light chain deposition disease

Efstathios Kastritis, MD, University of Athens School of Medicine, Athens, Greece, outlines the results from a small prospective study which treated patients with light chain (AL) amyloidosis or light chain deposition disease (LCDD), who had not achieved a complete hematological remission using standard treatment, with a short course of daratumumab (dara). The results indicated that short dara consolidation in AL amyloidosis or LCDD improves complete response rates, often reaching undetectable measurable residual disease, and modifies the bone marrow microenvironment, a finding worthy of further investigation to understand its implications. This interview took place during the 62nd American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting and Exposition, 2020.

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