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COMy 2019 | A bright future for multiple myeloma

Huge advancements have been made in treating multiple myeloma (MM) using immunomodulatory drugs such as proteasome inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies and HDAC inhibitors. However, Kenneth Anderson, MD, of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, tells us to stay seated, as the future is even brighter! By developing novel agents targeting the abnormal genetics of MM cells and novel immune therapies, Prof. Anderson predicts there is promising potential for reaching MRD negativity without the use of intensive high dose therapy/transplantation. Finally, he shows the end goal is to use specific immune therapies such as bispecific T-cell engagers and CAR T-cells to allow patients to develop an immunological memory against their tumor, hence allowing an MRD negative status to be maintained. This interview took place at the Controversies in Multiple Myeloma (COMy) 2019 World Congress in Paris, France.

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