EHA 2016 | The influence of the European Research Initiative on CLL (ERIC)

Emili Montserrat

Emili Montserrat, MD, PhD from the University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain discusses the influence of the European Research Initiative on CLL (ERIC). Prof. Montserrat mentions that sometimes there is some confusion between the goals of therapy and endpoints in trials, and that it should be kept in mind that the goal of therapy is to prolong survival and to improve quality of life. He further discusses the joint projects in terms of promoting biological tests, investigating the utility of new agents in-vitro, which is a kind of accelerated Phase 0 study, in order to be more efficient in testing innovations. This is something that ERIC will continue to do, in cooperation with some industries in the future as well. Recorded at the European Hematology Association (EHA) 2016 Annual Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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