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ASH 2017 | MURANO trial: revolutionizing the standard of care for relapsed CLL patients

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Stephan Stilgenbauer

Venetoclax is a novel agent in CLL targetting disease biology that is revolutionising and offering options beyond chemoimmunotherapy. Stephan Stilgenbauer, MD, PhD of the University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany, gives an update on venetoclax for the treatment of CLL. He talks about the Phase 2 trial which led to the approval of venetoclax for CLL patients and the status of licensing venetoclax in Europe.
At the ASH 2017 meeting, the MURANO trial, a randomised trial for relapsed refractory CLL was presented. This trial compares bendamustine plus rituximab, chemoimmunotherapy, against venetoclax plus rituximab. Promising results showed a much better response, a better minimal residual disease negativity and a better overall survival in the venetoclax treatment.

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