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EMN 2018 | Novel drug delivery method to prevent daratumumab infusion-related reactions in MM

While daratumumab is one of the most effective treatments for multiple myeloma (MM), ~50% of all patients who the drug intravenously develop infusion-related reactions. In this video, Torben Plesner, MD, of the University of Southern Denmark, Vejle, Denmark, describes why subcutaneous formulation of daratumumab is superior to IV formulation in more ways than one. Speaking from the 1st European Myeloma Network Meeting (EMN), in Turin, Italy, Dr Plesner references the PAVO trial (NCT02519452), which is currently investigating the safety and efficacy of a subcutaneous formulation of daratumumab, and explains some of the results that have already been obtained, all of which are promising. Dr Plesner concludes his interview by mentioning the investigations he hopes to carry out in the future to further solidify the benefits of subcutaneous daratumumab.

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