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ICML 2017 | Escalating doses and improving outcomes in cutaneous T-cell lymphomas

Martine Bagot from the Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris, France provides an overview of her presentation, ‘Phase I study of IPH4102, anti-KIR3DL2 MAb, in relapsed/refractory cutaneous T-cell lymphomas (CTCL): dose-escalation safety biomarker and clinical activity results’, given at the International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML) 2017 held in Lugano, Switzerland. Prof. Bagot describes the positive results observed in the IPH4102 Phase I trial (NCT02593045), explaining that dosing was well tolerated by patients and there was no need to reduce dosing at any point. Good over-all responses were recorded in the majority of patients, with a sub-set obtaining progression-free survival status. Due to its success, the trial will be expanded into a Phase II trial in the near future.

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