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EHA 2016 | Results of Phase III GADOLIN trial for follicular lymphoma

Marek Trneny, MD, PhD from Charles University General Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic gives an overview of his talk on the unmet need for follicular lymphoma for a subgroup of patients resistant to immunotherapy. The outcome for these patients is poor with a median progression-free survival (PFS) between 6-10 months. Prof Trneny then discusses the results of the Phase III GADOLIN trial (NCT01059630), which looked at the whole spectrum of indolent lymphoma and in particular, patients resistant to ritxuimab. Patients were randomly assigned to the standard treatment of bendamustine or to an experimental arm of bendamustine plus obinutuzumab. According to Prof Trneny, the trial was highly positive in terms of improvement of PFS from around 14 months for bendamustine to 29 months for the combination and a risk reduction of death by 52%. This presents a significant step forward for this subgroup of patients according to Prof Trneny.

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