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IACH Focus on Leukemia 2020 | Future avenues for CAR T-cell therapy in ALL

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Christian Chabannon

Christian Chabannon, MD, PhD, Paoli-Calmettes Institute, Marseille, France, discusses the recent results of CAR T-cell therapy in adult patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Currently, CAR T-cell therapy for ALL is only approved for children and young adults under the age of 25. Therefore, there are relatively few data available for CAR T-cell therapy in patients who are over 25 years old. Additionally, Prof. Chabannon outlines different avenues that deserve further exploration, such as a full understanding of the mechanisms underlying relapse after CAR T-cell therapy. There also needs to be further research to clarify if patients need consolidation after CAR T-cell therapy. The cost-effectiveness of treatment also needs to be evaluated for the European landscape. This interview took place during the 2020 Annual Meeting of the International Academy for Clinical Hematology (IACH).

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