Marina Konopleva

Marina Konopleva, MD, PhD, of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, is a Physician-Scientist, Professor, and active member of the clinical faculty in the Departments of Leukemia and Stem Cell Transplantation.

Dr Konopleva is studying novel agents in acute myeloid and lymphocytic leukemias, focusing on BCL-2 targeting, and agents targeting the leukemic microenvironment and metabolism. She has extended her research to include clinical translational investigations and has developed clinical trials based on laboratory discoveries. These include the BCL-2 inhibitor venetoclax, CXCR4 inhibitors, AKT and mTOR inhibitors and hypoxia-activated prodrugs.

She has also been an active mentor to trainees including undergraduate, medical and graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows who have trained under her direction in support of her various laboratory grants and projects.

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