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The 1st International Workshop on Acute Leukemias (iwAL) took place on February 16–18, 2018, in St. Pete’s Beach, FL. iwAL was established to encourage interactive debates and discussions on AML and ALL.

VJHemOnc is pleased to bring you e-learning webcasts from iwAL 2018! Whether you were not able to attend in person or you want to experience it all again, all eight educational sessions are available to watch at your convenience. Covering the key topics in AL, including MRD, CAR T-cells, checkpoint inhibitors, novel drugs, trial design, and advances in epigenomics, the e-learning webcasts will bring you up to speed on the latest advances presented at iwAL 2018.

What Does Genomics Tell Us About Patient Management?

Featured Speakers:
Ari Melnick, MD
Torsten Haferlach, MD
Klaus Metzeler, MD

Session I
Biology & Evolving Genomic Landscape of ALL

Featured Speakers:
Kathryn Roberts, PhD
Charles Mullighan, MBBS, MD
Anjali Advani, MD

Session II
Optimization of Standard Treatment in AML

Featured Speakers:
Klaus Metzeler, MD
Wolfgang Hiddemann, MD, PhD
Alan Burnett, MD, FRCP

Session III
Treatment strategies in ALL

Featured Speakers:
Daniel DeAngelo, MD, PhD
Charles Mullighan, MBBS, MD

Session IIII
Is MRD Already a Surrogate for Survival?

Featured Speakers:
Adriano Venditti, MD
Farhad Ravandi, MD
Roland Walter, MD, PhD

Session V
Novel Approaches and Targeted Therapies in AML

Featured Speakers:
Jorge Cortes, MD
Mark Levis, MD, PhD

Session VI
Immunotherapy for AML & ALL

Featured Speakers:
Naval Daver, MD
Noelle Frey, MD
John DiPersio, MD, PhD

Session VII
Current & Future Challenges in Trial Design

Featured Speakers:
Jane Liang-White, PhD
Elihu Estey, MD
Mark Levis, MD, PhD

Session VIII

iwAL 2019

Following on from a successful 1st International Workshop on Acute Leukemias, the 2nd iwAL workshop will take place in Barcelona, Spain, in 2019 next year.

For information about next year’s meeting, head over to the iwAL website

Keep a lookout for further latest clinical updates in acute leukemias, including advancements in MRD, epigenomics, immunotherapy and trial design.


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