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Texas MPN Workshop 2021 | Novel therapies and combinations for myelofibrosis patients

Abdulraheem Yacoub, MD, MBBS, The University of Kansas, Westwood, KS, outlines the current frontline agents used to treat myelofibrosis, such as fedratinib and ruxolitinib, and add-on strategies, including parsaclisib and navitoclax, which are currently being investigated in a recombinant manner with ruxolitinib. Dr Yacoub also discusses the agents investigated for use beyond the frontline, namely momelotinib, which aims to reduce symptoms and anemia, as well as pacritinib, which targets thrombocytopenia. Additionally, Dr Yacoub speaks on the novel therapy options available for the treatment of myelofibrosis after failed treatment with JAK inhibitors, such as using LSD1 inhibitors. This interview took place at the Texas MPN Workshop: Second Annual Workshop and Meeting in 2021.

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