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ISA 2022 | Impact of BM MRD status on the quality of organ response in AL amyloidosis

Rajshekhar Chakraborty, MD, Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York City, NY, comments on the results of a study investigating the impact of bone marrow MRD status in patients with AL amyloidosis. The study found a trend for an increased cardiac organ response in patients who achieved MRD negativity but did not find a difference in renal organ response between MRD-negative and MRD-positive patients. In addition, the study reported that both MRD-negative and MRD-positive patients were able to achieve a deep organ response as long as they had a deep hematologic response, suggesting that further studies must be conducted to clarify the role of MRD in this patient population. This interview took place at the 2022 International Symposium on Amyloidosis (ISA) held in Heidelberg, Germany.

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