GCLLSG 2016 | Current research at Weill Cornell and the New York Genome Center

Dan Landau

Dan Landau, MD, PhD, of Weill Cornell Medical College and the NYGC, New York, NY, discusses current research at the two institutions he is affiliated with. The Weill Cornell Center is part of the tri-institution together with Rockefeller and the Sloan-Kettering. The New York Genome Center is a new organization, that is dedicated to data science, genomics, and quantitative biology; it is much smaller and a lot of the faculty are very innovative. It is also an interesting nexus for all institutes surrounding the New York area to collectively think about quantitative biological problems; for example, how to apply single-cell technology and innovative single-cell technology to understand some of those problems. Dr Landau talks about exploring how we can use artificial intelligence to answer some of those questions, to come up with new therapeutic measures, novel prognostication methods and to be able to understand data on a different scale to what we have been previously able to do. Recorded at the 2016 International Workshop of the German CLL Study Group (GCLLSG) in Cologne, Germany.

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