BSH 2017 | Physicians concerns on the use of biomsimilars

Steve Williamson

Steve Williamson, MRPharmS (IPresc) from Northumbria Healthcare Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, addresses the concerns physicians may have about the use of biosimilars at the 2017 British Society for Haematology (BSH) Annual Scientific Meeting in Brighton, UK. Biosimilars are complex biological molecules, which means that it is not as simple as producing a generic. Biosimilars therefore need to go through extensive clinical trials to compare the outcomes, as well as assessment of pKa values and pharmacokinetics to determine the efficacy. Physicians can take reassurance from the fact that NICE and NHS England have approved the use of biosimilars for many biologic drugs, such as rituximab and imatinib, consistent pharmacovigilance, and that the manufacturing process evolves and improves over time. This video has been supported by Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd through an unrestricted educational grant to Magdalen Medical Publishing.

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27th March 2017