GCLLSG 2016 | Overview of CLL12 trial of ibrutinib aiming to delay chemoimmunotherapy

Petra Langerbeins

Petra Langerbeins, MD of University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany discuses the the CLL12 trial for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Dr Langenbeins explains that in CLL, patients are not necessarily treated when they are first diagnosed. There have been attempts to combine an early treatment in selected high-risk early stage patients but all of them failed to improve survival and therefore observation remains the standard of care for those patients. In the CLL12 trial (NCT02863718), they are trying to combine early treatment in selected high-risk patients with the aim of improving survival. They are using the CLL score as for risk stratification; this score identifies 8 different prognostic markers, which combine into one single risk score. Patients with an elevated risk of disease progression and impaired survival are allocated to the treatment arm to receive ibrutinib or placebo. The aim is to delay time to first chemoimmunotherapy but also to improve survival.
Recorded at the 2016 International Workshop of the German CLL Study Group (GCLLSG) in Cologne, Germany.

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