iwNHL 2018 Session I

Pathobiology and Clinical Management of T-cell Lymphoma

In session I of iwNHL 2018, Laurence de Leval, MD, delivers updates on pathology and genetics while Jurgen Ruland, PhD, discuss TCR signalling and PD1.

Introduction/update on Pathology and Genetics
Laurence de Leval
Institut universitaire de pathologie, Lausanne, Switzerland
22 September, 2018

Laurence de Leval, MD, from Institut universitaire de pathologie, Lausanne, Switzerland, gives an update on the pathology and genetics of T-cell lymphoma.

TCR Signaling and PD1 in T-cell Lymphomagenesis and Implications for Therapies
Jurgen Ruland
Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany
22 September, 2018

Jurgen Ruland, PhD, from Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany, talks about the mechanisms of T-cell receptor signalling in T-cell lymphomas.

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