iwMyeloma 2020

The International Workshop on Myeloma 2020 took place September 25–26th and highlighted recent updates in immune-based therapies, minimal residual disease (MRD), and the molecular basis of myeloma in the development of novel targets.

Some of the world’s leading clinical researchers in myeloma shared their perspectives on how to place this evolving understanding in a clinical context and thereby optimize clinical care.

The full series of presentations can be viewed on-demand below.

Day One

Day one of the meeting featured sessions on the genomics and epigenomics of multiple myeloma as well as novel targets currently under investigation.

Session I: Genomics and epigenomics of MM
  • 1q and the pathogenesis of MM; Samir Parekh
  • Mutational signatures and the evolution of MM; Francesco Maura
  • Evolving insights into the t(4;14); Gareth Morgan
Session I
Session II: Novel Targets
  • Update on ubiquitin ligases, Celmods and new IMiDs; Ken Anderson
  • Targeting MCL1 and BCL2 inhibition; Larry Boise
  • Therapeutic trials in MGUS and SMM; Maria V Mateos
  • PIKfyve- a novel target in Myeloma; Keith Stewart
Session II

Day Two

Day two of the meeting featured sessions on evaluating new therapies as well as T-cell engagement strategies.

Session III: Evaluating new therapies
  • The MM niche, quiescence and BMP6; Sarah Gooding
  • Single cell analysis of myeloma and its microenvironment; Irene Ghobrial
  • The current therapeutic standard for MM; Pieter Sonneveld
  • Molecular and clinical definitions of high-risk MM; Leif Bergsagel
  • Genetic changes associated with relapse; Jonathan Keats
Session III
Session IV: T-cell engagement strategies
  • Clinical data and trial data on bispecific antibodies for MM; Hermann Einsele
  • Clinical data and trial update of anti-BCMA CAR-Ts; Yi Lin
  • Optimizing and manufacturing CAR-T constructs; Eric Smith
Session IV

irene ghobrial, maria victoria mateos, Saad Usmani

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