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iwCAR-T 2020

The International Workshop on CAR-T 2020 took place October 29–30th and highlighted recent updates in CAR T-cell therapy across a variety of hematological oncology indications.

Some of the world’s leading clinical researchers shared their perspectives on how to place our evolving understanding in a clinical context and thereby optimize clinical care.

The full series of presentations can be viewed on-demand below.

Day One

Day one of the meeting featured sessions on CAR-T in ALL, AML and CLL.

Session I: CAR-T in ALL
  • Novel CAR-T approaches for ALL: Rebecca Gardner
  • CAR-T in adult ALL; Claire Roddie
  • Allogeneic CAR-T in ALL: Bijal Shah
  • Remission & Persistence: Shannon Maude
Session I
Session II: CAR-T in AML
  • Overview: Saar Gill
  • CART vs BITE for AML: John DiPersio
  • NKG2D and anti-CD33 CART: David Sallman
Session II
Session 3: CAR-T in CLL
  • Update CLL CAR-T trial landscape/JCAR; Tanya Siddiqi
  • The role of CLL tumor cells in resistance to anti-CAR-T cell therapy: Joseph Melenhorst 
  • Long-term outcomes of anti-CD19 CAR-T in R/R CLL: David Porter
Session III

Day Two

Day two of the meeting featured sessions on CAR-T in lymphoma, myeloma and the evolution of cellular therapies.

Session 4: CAR-T in Lymphoma
  • CD19-CAR-T cells – trial updates: Jeremy Abramson
Session IV
Session 5: CAR-T in Myeloma
  • BCMA CART – ready for standard of care practice?: Nina Shah
  • CART trials in China: myeloma and CART landscape in China: Jianxiang Wang
  • BITes vs CARs: Herman Einselle
  • Beyond BCMA, other novel CART targets and combinations: Eric Smith
Session V
Session 6: Evolution of cellular therapies
  • Tmod CAR T cells Targeting Loss of Heterozygosity: William Go
  • Repeat CAR T infusions (ALL, NHL and CLL): Jordan Gauthier
  • Novel CAR platforms – allogeneic CART, CAR-NK: Michael Hudecek
Session VI

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