iwAL 2019 Session VII

CAR-T/Cellular Therapies in AML and ALL

From the final session of iwAL 2019,  Wendy Stock, MD, Noelle Frey, MD,
Bianca Santomasso, MD, PhD and Marion Subklewe, MD, discuss aspects of CAR T-cell therapy including its use in the pediatric setting, managing the toxicities associated and novel targets.

Paediatric vs AYA – ALL
Wendy Stock, MD
The University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, IL
5 May, 2019
CAR-T 19 and allo-SCT in ALL
Noelle Frey, MD
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
5 May, 2019
Managing toxicities
Bianca Santomasso, MD, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York
5 May, 2019
AML for CAR-T – targeting CD123
Marion Subklewe, MD
LMU Hospital Munich, Munich, Germany
5 May, 2019

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