ERIC 2018 E-learning

Watch webcast presentations from the ERIC 2018 International Meeting now!

The European Research Initiative on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (ERIC) International Meeting 2018,  was held in Barcelona, Spain, on 25-27 October. Bringing together leading experts to present the latest advancements in the chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the meeting explored the theme of ‘New frontiers in CLL research‘.

VJHemOnc are delighted to share exclusive, on-demand webcast presentations from the congress. Explore them below!

Session I:
Setting the Tone

Featured speakers:
Gianluca Gaidano, MD, PhD
Emili Montserrat, MD, PhD

Session I
Session II:
CLL Pathogenesis: Interacting Subsystems

Featured speakers:
Iñaki Martín-Subero, PhD
Richard Rosenquist, PhD
Silvia Deaglio, MD, PhD

Session II
Session III:
CLL Treatment:

Featured speakers:
Jacqueline Barrientos, MD
William Wierda, MD, PhD

Session III
Session IV:
Looking to the Future in CLL Treatment

Featured speakers:
Peter Hillmen, MBChB, PhD
Robin Foà, MD

Session IV
Session VII:
Biomarker-aided Clinical Decision Making in CLL

Featured speakers:
Blanca Espinet, PhD
Davide Rossi, MD, PhD
Alessandra Tedeschi, MD

Session VII
Session VIII:
ERIC Mission: Improving CLL Patient Care

Featured speakers:
Anastasia Chatzidimitriou, PhD
Šárka Pospíšilová, PhD

Session VIII

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