The International Workshop on Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

The Virtual iwNHL 2020 meeting will be held online on 11th to 12th September. The workshop will highlight efforts to understand the biology of different NHL subtypes to further refine therapeutic strategies. Some of the world’s leading clinical researchers in NHL will share their perspectives on how to place this evolving understanding in a clinical context and thereby optimize clinical care.

Please note, the iwNHL virtual workshop is for treating hematologists, researchers, nurses, and allied medical professionals only.

iwNHL Programme

Friday: September 11, 2020

10:00 (EST)

Introduction & Virtual Meeting Objectives
John Gribben


Session I: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Chairs: Peter Johnson & Pier Luigi Zinzani 

  • Early-stage unfavorable cHL; Peter Borchmann
  • KEYNOTE 204; Pier Luigi Zinzani
  • Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the era of targeted therapy; Peter Johnson

Roundtable Discussion


Session II: Immunotherapy/Microenvironment

Chairs: David Maloney & Stephen Ansell

  • Crosstalk between lymphocytes and their microenvironment; Patricia Pérez Galán
  • PRAME expression and the tumor microenvironment; David Scott
  • CBT in specific lymphoma subtypes; Stephen Ansell

Roundtable Discussion


Session III: Novel Therapies Part I

Chairs: Laurie Sehn & Franck Morschhauser

  • Novel ADCs; Laurie Sehn
  • CD20 / CD3 bispecific antibodies: How to choose?; Martin Hutchings
  • Oral PI3K delta (δ) inhibitors in lymphoma; Jennifer Brown

Roundtable Discussion


Roundup of Day 1:
John Gribben, Stephen Ansell, Laurie Sehn & Franck Morschhauser

Saturday: September 12, 2020


Session IV: Novel Therapies Part II

  • Novel BTK inhibitors: how to choose?; Tom Witzig
  • SINE inhibitors: Selinexor; Sundar Jagannath
  • Tafasitamab (MOR208) in DLBCL; Gilles Salles

Roundtable Discussion


Session V: T-cell Therapies for Lymphoma

Chairs: Cath Bollard & Jeremy Abramson 

  • CD19-CAR-T cells; Jeremy Abramson
  • CD30, CD5 and/or 7 CAR-T cells; Cath Bollard
  • T cell-engaging therapies – BiTEs and beyond; Ralf C. Bargou

Roundtable Discussion


Final Virtual Meeting Summary & Conclusions
iwNHL Scientific Committee

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