iwAL 2018 Session III


Optimization of Standard Treatment in AML

Session III of iwAL 2018 saw experts present on enhancing standard treatments in AML. Presenters Klaus Metzeler, MD, Wolfgang Hiddemann, MD, PhD, and Alan Burnett, MD, FRCP, discuss various aspects of this subject, including adverse genetic features, post-remission therapy, novel therapies, and low-intensity treatments in the elderly. The question of how to best treat APL moving forward was raised by Laura Cicconi, MD.

AML with Adverse Genetic Features
Klaus Metzeler, MD
10 February, 2018

Klaus Metzeler, MD, LMU-University Hospital Munich, Munich, Germany, discusses adverse genetic features in AML.

Post-remission Therapy
Wolfgang Hiddemann, MD, PhD
10 February, 2018

Wolfgang Hiddemann, MD, PhD, LMU-University Hospital Munich, Munich, Germany, presents therapy options for patients post-remission.

Older Patients – New Drugs & Low-Intensity Treatments
Alan Burnett, MD, FRCP
10 February, 2018

Alan Burnett, MD, FRCP, from Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK, delivers a talk on new drugs and low-intensity treatments for older patients with AML.

Where Can We Go Now with APL? – Arsenic, ATRA and Beyond
Laura Cicconi, MD
10 February, 2018

Laura Cicconi, MD, from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy, discusses treatment options for APL.