Addressing the challenges in multiple myeloma

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Advances continue to be made in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple myeloma (MM), leading to improved patient care and outcomes.

Sharing her professional insights into this evolution of MM management, Kwee Yong, PhD, FRCP, FRCPath, Consultant Haematologist at University College London Hospital, London, UK, details the important considerations required throughout a patient’s treatment journey. Highlighting the importance of physician-patient communication, and the role of the physician in informing patients about their treatment options, in order to strike the optimal balance between effective treatment and quality of life. As further treatment options become available, new considerations arise with regards to how they will fit into a patient’s treatment pathway and impact their unique disease biology.

Evolution of diagnostic approaches in MM

MM is a complex disease, but one where scientific research has advanced exponentially over the past decade. Prof. Yong outlines the advances that have been made over the past decade in the diagnostic approach.

Complexities of MM disease progression

It is vital that clinicians and patients with MM understand the many different ways in which this disease can progress and relapse. Prof. Yong details the complexities that can create barriers to the identification of disease progression in MM.

Changing treatment goals throughout the MM journey

An increase in treatment options means that the treatment pathway for MM patients can be longer and more complex than ever before. Prof. Yong explains the archetypal priorities for patients and physicians in managing MM at various points throughout the treatment pathway.

Counseling MM patients and joint decision-making

Prof. Yong explains the importance of joint decision-making when choosing a MM patient’s treatment, in order to balance the individual’s need to achieve a response with their quality of life goals.

Personalized medicine in MM

What does ‘personalized medicine’, also known as ‘precision medicine’, mean in MM? Prof. Yong explains the differences that must be taken into consideration when implementing a personalized medicine approach in MM.

Sequencing of anti-myeloma therapies

Prof. Yong summarizes the sequencing methods employed in the treatment pathway of MM patients, and outlines additional considerations which must be taken into account in this complex disease area.

Performance status and frailty in MM

Prof. Yong explains the importance of the Frailty Calculator in assessing how well a patient is likely to tolerate multi-drug regimens and how this can positively influence survival outcomes.

Treatment advances in MM

Prof. Yong shares insights on the evolution of MM treatments, technological advances, and the focus on patient fitness; all of which have contributed to new standards of care, and a new treatment goal of measurable residual disease negativity.